The bright and welcoming entrance area offers a wide seafront view for the visitors. This space is frequently used for cocktails and seminars, not interfering with the work area on the other end of the corridor.

An article about Hill & Knowlton’s office in Stockholm (below) captures the many contrasts within a large, global PR company: “The client Hill & Knowlton, an international PR agency, is part of a business culture somewhere between an advertising agency and a law firm - it should be relaxed but also quite formal, yet not too conservative and it shouldn't be silly."

HOW’s task was to convert an existing office structure, taken over from a sister company within the same group, and optimize it for the new inhabitant, in terms of space and facilities, as well as branding. Savings in both costs and construction time were made thanks to a close collaboration with the landlord, and leveraging several of the existing structures.

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