About us

HOW is a design-build studio. We work closely with craftspeople, contractors, specialists, and clients to create significant spaces. HOW is committed to working within an established context. Whether it’s an existing building or a future structure, we are here to extract the essence of your project.

What we do

Office interiors, conversion and restoration, interior design, housing, private houses, refurbishing and reuse, urban planning.


Our history is in conversion and refurbishment, which is how we have learnt to rebuild and reuse rather than demolish and rebuild. We aim to use conventional construction materials and methods in new and unexpected ways. We denounce the excessive consumption of resources.


HOW was founded in 2003 by Fabian Wanqvist and Gunnar Hildén, joined by Benjamin Mandre in 2017. Since 2021, Fabian Wanqvist and Benjamin Mandre is running the office, which has developed into a multifaceted design studio, working on everything from furniture details to urban plans.


Atrium Ljungberg, Brabo, Danielsson Fastigheter, Doberman, EA Games, Eklöfs Fastighets AB, Fremantle, Hill & Knowlton, Important Looking Pirates, Norstedts Förlagsgrupp, Riksbyggen, Storytel, Toca Boca, Uniqlo, Volante Förlag